Aberlink Coordinate Measuring Machines


Axiom too CNC CMM


Fast, accurate and reliable, the Axiom too CNC CMM comes in four different sizes with Y axis travel up to 1500mm. The Axiom too can be used with touch trigger probe, continuous contact scanning probe or with Aberlink’s revolutionary non-contact camera system.

The all aluminium bridge structure not only ensures that the Axiom too has low inertia and high acceleration to get the job done quickly, but also that the temperature of the machine rapidly follows the temperature of the room, ideal when the CMM is not housed in a controlled environment. Temperature compensation in the software reports results as if they had been measured at 20°C/68°F

The standard high-tech granite and aluminium table*, originally developed for the optics industry, provides fantastic natural damping of high frequency vibration and the granite Y rail allows pre-loading of the bridge air bearings in both directions for superior accuracy.


Axis Travel (mm)

  • X 640
  • Y 600, 900, 1200, 1500
  • Z 500

For full machine specification, visit: https://www.aberlink.com/products/cmm/axiom-too-cnc/

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*Solid granite table also available



Axiom too HS CNC CMM


Since 2004 the Aberlink Axiom too CMM has been providing manufacturing industry with a fast and accurate solution for their measurement problems, but as ever, Aberlink are continually striving to improve the solutions which we offer. The Axiom too HS is both faster and more accurate than the standard model, and all without compromising the fantastic value for money for which Aberlink have become renowned.

Rather than using the belt drive system, the Axiom too HS incorporates drive rod technology developed on our larger machines and vision products. This allows even greater accelerations to be achieved meaning that the HS model measures approximately 20% quicker than the standard variant – ideal for high volume measurement.

The Axiom too HS also utilises 0.1µm resolution scales on each axis. Incorporated with state-of-the-art error mapping techniques this means that the HS model is the most accurate machine ever produced by Aberlink – ideal when measuring tight tolerances.


Axis Travel (mm)

  • X 640
  • Y 600, 900, 1200, 1500
  • Z 500

For full machine specification, visit: https://www.aberlink.com/products/cmm/axiom-too-hs/

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Zenith too CNC CMM

There are a zenith_too_cmm-268x300number of philosophies that Aberlink has adopted since it was founded in 1993 that have revolutionised the way that modern CMMs are now manufactured. First, the bridge of the Zenith too is fabricated entirely from aluminium alloy. This has a number of advantages: the cost of machining is significantly lower than for machines made from granite, ceramic or other exotic materials. The aluminium is stress relieved to produce a highly stable structure and, with modern computing power, running a real-time error map to achieve high accuracy is simple.

Also, as the Zenith too is made from a single material it expands and contracts uniformly with temperature change – if machines were made from different materials, a change in temperature would cause a distortion and hence introduce errors. Aberlink offer easy-to-use temperature compensation within the user software.

All moving parts are light and this, combined with good design, means that the Zenith too has low inertia and optimal acceleration characteristics – the machines are really fast, minimising inspection times.


Axis Travel (mm)

  • X 1000
  • Y 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000
  • Z 600, 800

For full machine specification, visit: https://www.aberlink.com/products/cmm/zenith-too/

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Azimuth CNC CMM

As CMMs azimuth_cmm-239x300get larger, it is not simply a case of scaling up the design of smaller models. Stiffness of the structure is critical, but weight must also be kept to a minimum. The Azimuth CMM is not only Aberlink’s largest in their range of CMM products, but it is the culmination of over twenty years experience and excellence in the design and manufacture of innovative metrology equipment incorporating the very latest materials technology.

The revolutionary bridge of the Azimuth incorporates aluminium honeycomb sheets developed for use in Formula One and the aerospace industry. The remarkable stiffness to weight ratio that this provides gives the Azimuth an edge in both performance and speed. For a machine of this size, the Azimuth is not only fast, but extremely accurate. The drive systems designed for the Azimuth offer simplicity and reliability and the novel system used on the Y axis ensures that there is no degradation of performance across the full range of machine sizes offered up to 3m.

A big machine should also be able to measure a heavy component and this is another area where Aberlink has applied innovative thinking. Rather than simply increasing the depth of the granite table, which adds huge cost and weight to the machine, we offer a specially designed load plate to sit on the granite base. This plate can accept up to a six tonne load which will then be transmitted directly through the feet of the machine bench directly to the floor, meaning no loss of metrology performance whatsoever.


Axis Travel (mm)

  • X 1200
  • Y 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000
  • Z 1000

For full machine specification, visit: https://www.aberlink.com/products/cmm/azimuth/

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