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Bowers Smart Plug

Bowers Smart Plug

2 Point Measurement up to 280mm

The robust, easy to use SmartPlug range is designed to give the operator greater speed of use, unmatched measuring accuracy and superb repeatability, especially in harsh shop-floor environments.

Advanced hand held ergonomics allied to an ingenious mechanical / electronic system render SmartPlugs the easiest to operate Bowers bore gauging system to date. The flexible nature of Bowers SmartPlugs range means that they can be supplied fitted with easy to read electronic indicators (ideal for automatic data collection), conventional analogue indicators, or transducer probes linked to remote digital readout units.

Product Overview

  • 01 Key Features
    • Range 6-280mm
    • Tough, robust construction
    • Easy-to-use
    • Long life
    • High accuracy dedicated plug-gauges
    • Flexible, modular
    • Hand-held measurement
    • Can be incorporated into automated measuring systems (in-series)
    • Cost-effective
    • Short delivery times
    • High visibility display
    • Protective indicator shroud (with some indicators)
    • All setting rings supplied as standard with UKAS calibration certificates
    • Coverplates as standard on all SmartPlugs
    • Specials (e.g. blind bore) on request
    • Repeatability ≤1 µm
    • Setting by means of a setting ring
    • Quick and reliable measurement
    • 2-point measurement as standard
    • Blind bore available on request
    • Depth-stops available
    • Extensions available for deeper bores
    • Guide chamfer for easy entry into bore
    • High durability, long-life plugs and contacts
    • Easy to clean
    • Plug body coatings: Hard-chrome (standard), T.i.N., Plain steel
    • Measuring contacts: Tungsten carbide, (standard), hard-chrome, ruby, ceramic
  • Code No. Description Accessory Price
    SMP010BB>6-20mm / 0.236"-0.787"M6x0.75POA
    SMP012BB>15-25mm / 0.590"-0.984"M10x1POA
    SMP014BB>25-35mm / 0.984"-1.378"M10x1POA
    SMP016BB>35-45mm / 1.378"-1.772"M10x1POA
    SMP018BB>45-60mm / 1.772"-2.362"M10x1POA
    SMP020BB>60-80mm / 2.362"-3.150"M10x1POA
    SMP022BB>80-100mm / 3.150"-3.937"M10x1POA
    SMP026BB>125-150mm / 4.921"-5.906"M10x1POA
    SMP024BB>100-125mm / 3.937"-4.921"M10x1POA

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