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Florenza AVC 006 Concentricity Gauge

Florenza AVC 006 Concentricity Gauge

Measure concentricity, run-out and perpendicularity

The Florenza AVC 006 gauge unit with a test range from 5 to 35mm, is suitable for measuring concentricity, run-out and perpendicularity. The robust granite base design allows the unit to be used in the workshop and metrology room.

A swivel contact roller simplifies positioning of the workpiece. The light sliding guides allow the dial gauges to be placed anywhere.

Product Overview

  • 01 Specification
    • Inspection range Ø 5mm to Ø 35mm
    • Roller spacing min. 29mm
    • Carriage travel max. 100mm
    • Contact roller thrust is adjustable
    • Gear driven rollers
    • Parallelism and coaxialism of both rollers max. 2µm
    • Base plate granite: 300mm x 130mm x 25mm

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