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Tomelleri MICRON Measurement Arm
Tomelleri MICRON Measurement Arm

Tomelleri MICRON Portable Measuring Arm

THE MOST ACCURATE PORTABLE ARM EVER MADE: Thanks to the unique counterbalancing system and the 5 axes configuration, the MICRON arm is the most accurate portable arm ever made. For touch probe inspections where the accuracy is fundamental, the MICRON arm represents the perfect solution.

ZERO - G COUNTERBALANCE: The mass-counterbalance of the MICRON arm is unique and works differently from any other portable arm you've ever seen or used.The error brought by of the operator in keeping the instrument is reduced to zero, and to move the arm while measuring feels like just a 15g weight.

NEXT LEVEL ACCURACY: The MICRON arm is capable of achieving a level of accuracy never seen on a portable arm. To get better than 0.01 mm of accuracy has never been so easy.

A COMPLETE SOLUTION: The solutions adopted to achieve the accuracy of the MICRON arms are not limited to the arm itself, a complete selection of dedicated accessories is available to ensure the proper fixation of the instrument.

  • Model Measuring Field Accuracy (micron)* Repeatability (micron)*
    MICRON 250 250x250x250 mm 4+L/50 5
    MICRON 400S 400x250x250 mm 5+L/50 7

    *= values reported are expressed with 2 σ error.

    • MICRON Arm Dimensions
    • Power Supply: 100-240V / 50-60 Hz
    • Protection: IP 54
    • Operating Conditions: +10° – +40°; Humidity 90% without condensing
    • Conformity: CE compliant
    • Certifications Available: Standard: 10360-2

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