Metro M1/M3 Display Unit For 1 or 2 Air Gauges

Air Gauges

M1/M3 - display unit for 1 or 2 air gages

The M3 is the last generation of tool for dimensional control with an air gage : air ring, air plug gage, air fork etc.

The M3 is compatible with all the air gage brands available making possible to keep your current air gage and to use this modern and versatile display.

Thanks to its user friendly interface and its general simplicity the M3 is a device that will be immediately adopted by every operator.

The 4''3 resistive touch screen display can be used with gloves.

This digital readout has several means of communication, USB and RS232 to remote control the device and/or send the measurements to an external system.

Its housing machined in a solid aluminium block offers to the M1/M3 an incomparable robustness even when used in the most severe industrial environments.

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Everything you need to start measuring from day one.

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