Monitoring the Gauging Needs of Industry

Metrology and Inspection Services

ECG Gauging offer a wide range of affordable measurement services to either compliment or aid your existing inspection resources and capabilities.

Measurement Consultancy

Issues with your quality inspections?

Drawing on nearly 30 years of experience in the field of metrology, we'd like to think we know a thing or two about inspection. Our consultancy service can deliver bespoke advice and sector-spanning solutions to meet the needs of most measurement applications. Whether you need guidance and support for best practice inspection routines and getting the most out of existing equipment in your quality department, advice on the "best tool for the job" or even project and strategic planning through to completion, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

Under no obligation to purchase, invite us to see your components and processes and suggest different approaches to enhance inspection efficiencies.

Subcontract Inspection

ECG offer contract inspection services at very competitive rates.

Struggling with inspection bottlenecks due to lack of knowledge, over-stretched resources or perhaps you don't yet have the budget for your own metrology equipment? ECG are able to examine your components and create part programs to speed up throughput and free up staff for other duties - we can measure your parts.

Inspection Services

  • First-off Inspection
  • Batch Inspection
  • Machine capability
  • Process capability
  • Statistical Process Control

Measurement Equipment

  • High accurate coordinate measuring machines
  • Non-contact inspection video systems
  • Articulating measuring arms


Is your current measurement software difficult to use when you want to quickly check a part? Hardware less reliable or, worse, inaccurate?

Eventually, measurement software, probe systems and controller electronics become outdated by newer and faster systems. Improve the performance and capability of your measuring equipment.

ECG are able to offer affordable and high-performance hardware and software retrofits and upgrades to enhance a wide range of measuring equipment from Coordinate Measuring Machines and articulating arms to profile projectors.