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Air Gauging is a fast, user friendly method of providing high precision results in even the most challenging of shop-floor environments. Using air flow volumes and pressures to measure parts, Air Gauging is a reliable, repeatable technology well suited for applications that demand sub-micron precision tolerancing.

Air Gauging technology is flexible; enabling measurement of not only dimensions, but geometric and relational characteristics, such as squareness, parallelism, ovality, taper and straightness.

We provide a range of solutions for air gauging including; air plugs, forks, custom air gauging fixtures and setting masters. All which can be provided as replacements for old equipment, use within an existing system or integration with the modern Metro M1 and M3 digital air gauging displays, providing the end user with a complete air gauging solution.

This is the lastest generation tool for dimensional control with an air gage: air ring, air plug gage, air fork etc. Forget the old analogue displays and columns with complicated setup or lack of communication possibilities. The M1 and M3 are compatible with all the air gage brands available making possible to keep your actual air gage and to use this modern and versatile display.

Thanks to their user friendly interface and their general simplicity the M1 and M3 are devices that will be immediately adopted by every operator.

The M1 and M3 have several means of communication, USB and RS232 (ASCII or MODBUS RTU) to remote control the device and/or send the measurements to an external system. It is also possible to plug a USB stick for data export on a CSV file. It is compatible with several SPC softwares like Q-DAS® /qs-STAT®.

These displays are adapted for both manual inspection with an operator or automatic control on a machine, thanks to the optional Inputs/Outputs module or the modbus RTU protocol for PLC communication.

For additional information and pricing about our air gauging solutions, please contact our sales team.

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