RT10 Portable Roughness Tester

Surface Roughness

RT10 roughness tester is the basic tester of the range. This instrument is ideal to measure pieces directly on work stations or production machinery. Thanks to its simplicity of use, it is ideal for the simple numeric characterization of the roughness of an object and boasts quick testing times. Thanks to the internal memory, simple handling and integrated battery, RT10 is ideal for taking measurements in difficult conditions, like in case of bulky or complex pieces.

RT10 Plus (code 1.101). RT10 roughness tester is also available in the Plus version which features a plug-in connector that allows to interchange the pick-up, thus being able to take measurements on all types of surfaces, by simply mounting the most suitable pick-up.

Product Overview

Measurement Range: ±200μm
Resolution: 1μm
Cut-off Length: 0,25 – 0,8 - 2,5 mm
Cut-off Number: 1-5
Traverse Length: Up to 16 mm
Measurement Parameters: Ra, Rq, Rt, Rz, Rc, RSm, Rmr, Rmax, RPc, Pt, R, AR, Rx)
Unit of Measurement: Millimetres and inches
Pick Up: Inductive, it can be rotated of 90° for lateral measurements (with SB50 probe)

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