Contour Measurement

Basic All-In-One Profilometer

The PGS100 profilometer allows to acquire 2D profiles in an extremely simple and intuitive way, thanks also to its measuring range of 130 mm in length (X) and 50 mm in height (Z).

The use of the tool takes place through the commands given by the software or from the PC keyboard in a very intuitive way.

The Profile Studio analysis program is equipped with all the CAD functions necessary for the dimensioning of your pieces, it also allows you to create programs to automate the characterization of the elements, for example during series measurements.

The standard configuration that includes the worktable with "T" slot and the 32 mm chisel measuring probe, can be enriched and completed with various accessories, including the positioner with 3 or 4 degrees of freedom on bearings and the precision vice that allows you to firmly clamp the pieces during measurements.

The calibration, thanks to the dedicated calibration sample, takes place guided by the software.

Product Overview

Exploration stroke (X): 130 mm (5,12 in)
Measuring range (Z): 50 mm (1,97 in)
Column travel (Y): 320 mm (12,6 in) manual
Sampling interval (X): 0,5 μm (0,02 μin)
Z axis resolution: 0,2 μm (0,008 μin)
Positioning speeds: 0-10 mm/s (0-7 in/s)
Measurement speed: 0.2 mm/s to 2 mm/s (from 0.008 in/s to 0.08 in/s)
Tip radius: 20 μm (0,8 μin)
CNC cycles: Automatic CNC measuring and positioning cycles with auto-compari
Software: Profile Studio Basic

Everything you need to start measuring from day one.

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